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Incomparable Art for Innovative Seating

Enter a new world of durable fabrics printed on demand with your choice of image from our library or with your original design.  

Abbey Custom Textiles has developed a line of fabrics suitable for use in both commercial and residential spaces.  For our contract buyers, we've made sure that all of our fabrics meet or can be treated to meet the most stringent health and fire codes.   While we specialize in printing synthetics and blends for soft furnishings, window treatments, throw pillows, bedding, bath accessories and more, we have the resources to print on natural fibers--it just takes a little longer. Printing your art onto our fabrics makes it easy to create custom furniture in your own unmistakable style.  Almost anything is possible, including developing your own branded line of fabric for exclusive use in your facility or licensed for sale to a wider audience.  

A sample packet is available for purchase here.


Colorful Architecture by Paul Klee, 1917

We can apply any public domain art, or original art with artist's permission, to upholstered furnishings, making seating spaces unforgettable to guests and clients.  With today's technology and our art and design team, custom furniture can become art itself!.

Klee Colorful Architecture.jpg


Custom Like Never Before

 We can custom print any image--from fine art to vintage prints to your original art pieces to photographs--onto a variety of fabrics.  Whether you envision your art printed on silk, heavy cotton duck, fine linen or durable synthetic, we can do it!  You'll be amazed at the clarity and rich colors of our custom printed fabric.  The possibilities are virtually limitless! 

Klee Colorful Architecture (2).jpg


The Ultimate Statement Piece

 Most of us want our home or business to reflect our own personal values and taste.  With our fabrics and your art, common areas, corporate offices, private rooms  and residential spaces can have seating like no other.  Abbey Custom Textiles is the only source of custom-printed upholstery-grade fabric on the market today, and we can make your seating design capability virtually limitless.   A printed inside and/or outside back on a banquette, sofa or chair will make a business or home unique and memorable.  Our design and graphics team will work closely with you to produce unique seating that accurately represents your world view, location and niche.    

Klee chair_burned.png
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