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Welcome to a new world of custom furniture inspired by art and design!
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William Morris...


Gallery Chair and True Custom Seating

Gallery Chair specializes in art-inspired seating as well as sleek contemporary and non-traditional pieces. Our textile division, Abbey Custom Textiles, can print almost anything, from fine art to vintage prints to your own original art or photographs, onto genuine upholstery-weight fabric.


Our master furniture technicians then apply that fabric to your choice of dozens of furniture forms and styles available in our shop on this site.


We can also build your totally original custom furniture for you! Whether your idea is in a CAD drawing or scribbled on a napkin, Gallery Chair can make true custom as easy standard. Art chairs, sofas, a bed, bench or throw pillows--Gallery Chair's art and design team can create it!

How do we do it?

The Fabric

Our textile division, Abbey Custom Textiles, gives you access to top-of-the-line genuine upholstery fabrics printed with any public domain art and design images, original art with artist's permission, or your personal photos or works of art.   When added  to your Gallery Chair frame selection, your custom furniture can become art itself! 


The Frame

The vast majority of our frames are built in the United States and Italy.  

Most are hardwood frames and are available in a variety of finishes.  

We also offer a number of metal frames.  Whatever your preference, we're

sure that you will find the style and finish that will complement your space.  

Gallery Chair staff can also build custom furniture pieces to your


The Chair

 With our custom printed fabrics, our fine hardwood frames, and our graphic art and design team, your vision can become your very own piece of art furniture. Our furniture frames come in a wide array of styles, from classic to contemporary, and our upholstery fabric prints are limited only by your  preferences and imagination.  Browse our selection of frames and fabrics and then contact us to discuss your art chairs, sofa, bed or pillows!

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